Old Fart Run Part Huit: Incognito No More

The cat’s out of the bag, my cover is blown, my Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne is incognito no more… While waiting for all the riders to show up for today’s “Old Fart Run”, I overheard Steve, Caloosa Rider’s chief honcho, talking about a blog post of last Sunday’s Immokalee metric century. Sure enough, it was my post.

Apparently one of the Caloosa members had stumbled upon the post and reposted it for others to see. I fessed up and took the credit…or is it blame, for writing the blog, mentioning that I had started it back in September of 2010 as both a journal and motivational tool for my quest to ride my first century. Thankfully Steve enjoyed the article. In fact many other riders mentioned that they had also found it entertaining, but during our mid ride break at Panera Bread, Larry “the Critic” had a couple of very important observations and corrections I needed to make.

First and foremost, he made it clear that I was dropped by a bunch of old guys…older farts than me…and to make the point really hit home, he reminded me that there were also some girls (who by no stretch of the imagination are old farts) in the group too. OK…point taken, but I was fighting a nagging cramp which left me riding solo the last 16 miles, and still managed a respectable three hour ride time. Regardless though, yes, I admit it, I was smoked by a bunch of girls and old guys.

Secondly, he pointed out that I had referred to Rick as “my buddy”, and warned me of the dangers of associating with him and others from Wisconsin. Hey, anyone that can handle a wildly oscillating front end at over 24 miles an hour is ok in my book, no matter what state he comes from!

But the most important observation was the real reason the Caloosa Riders group up and ride…

…for the food!

I’m glad you all enjoyed the post. Now that my secret identity has been revealed, I’ll have to remember to be careful of my habit of assigning silly names to people in my posts 😉

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:12:40
Stopped Time: 1:10:49
Distance: 38.37 miles
Average: 17.35 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.66 mph
Ascent: 784 feet
Descent: 784 feet
Calories: 2086


One thought on “Old Fart Run Part Huit: Incognito No More

  1. Hey, I like that: Larry “the Critic”. That may stick — he’s nicknamed just about everyone else in our group!!

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