Bike Paths, Sloughs and Peeing on Your Forehead

The guys from the Caloosa Riders invited me to come along with them this morning on a new ride route highlighted by a special visit from an Optimal Health Coach to discuss our unique dietary needs as cyclists.

I headed out early in the morning darkness with all my “blinky lights” aglow to meet up with Rick at the Six Mile Cypress Slough preserve, a linear 2,500 acre ecosystem home to a diverse population of plants and animals. I overestimated the time it would take to cycle to the preserve which gave me a chance for some exploration. My last visit there was a few years back, so everything was basically new again as I pedaled through the park. I had forgotten what a hidden gem this park is, and made a point to take my family there this weekend to enjoy the miles of boardwalks through the pristine Florida wetlands.

Pink gator bike rack....only in Florida.

By the way, the Six Mile Cypress Slough is very bike friendly with easy access from the paved paths on either side of Six Mile Cypress/Ben C Pratt. Once inside the park, you’ll find ample places to stow your bike including perhaps the most novel bike rack I have ever seen.

Rick eventually showed up, and as we prepped his bike, so did five other riders from the club. From there we headed out to Bell Tower via the paved pathways flanking the boulevards. It was rather nostalgic cycling on these paths, as they were the same paths I had ridden back in the days of my old hybrid bike.

A few club members were already waiting for us at Bell Tower, and a few more coasted in while we exchanged tall tales of our cycling conquests. While waiting for all the members to arrive we noticed that Larry was especially stylin’, flaunting his vintage Caloosa Riders jersey. They say a picture is worth a thousand words (good thing too as this jersey pretty much defies description), so I’ll leave the description to your own imaginations…

Once everyone was accounted for, we headed out of Bell Tower and set our bearings for the Gateway area to meet up with the health coach. The pace down the paved path was very relaxed as we retraced our route from the Cypress Slough preserve. Staying on the path we continued down Colonia Boulevard towards Lehigh Acres, eventually switching to the road around the Westminister Golf Course. The leisure pace was so enjoyable that we really didn’t “open it up” until we looped back onto Daniels Parkway, and that was only for a moment, as our meeting point was just a few miles down the road.

We stopped at a local cafe/ice cream parlor for our meeting with Elizabeth, the health coach. Elizabeth is a optimal health coach/weight management expert, who’s company, Living Younger Longer, has provided services for a few members of the Caloosa Riders. She took the time to answer all our questions about nutrition and supplements, as well as stress the importance of our testosterone levels. In fact while discussing testosterone, she used a very unique phrase to describe the effects of the very high testosterone levels found in young males saying, “you wake up every morning able to pee on your forehead.” I guess that’s a little more politically correct than mentioning ante meridiem timber!

On a side note, we found out the secret to Ray’s super powers (Ray is an 85 years young member of the Caloosa riders that can outride people half his age)…his pantry is stock full of every supplement known to man! Even Elizabeth was impressed by his knowledge and use of supplements as well as recent dietary trends. I guess there are no new tricks for the old dog to learn 😉

A big thank you to Elizabeth for taking the time to meet with us as well as the gang from the Caloosa Riders for inviting me on the ride.

Route: Meandering about
Ride Time: 2:18:09
Stopped Time: 2:00:07
Distance: 38.06 miles
Average: 16.53 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.34 mph
Ascent: 239 feet
Descent: 215 feet
Calories: 2051


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