Old Fart Run Part Neuf: Tour de Larry…Again

Well, looks like last Thursday’s 100 mile “Tour de Larry” through SW Florida hit a popular chord with the rest of the Caloosa Riders. So much so, that today’s normally scheduled ride to Coconut Point turned into a repeat of the ride, but this time, instead of three of us, there were about 15 in all.

The day was magnificent and traffic was light, heck even the recent strong winds we have been having were manageable. It doesn’t get much better than spending the morning cycling down the Florida coast with some good friends, but instead of describing the tour, I thought I’d let the some pictures tell the story. So click on the video below, and enjoy our little 100 mile jaunt.

By the way, congratulations are in order to Vince and Tom as they had their century cherries broken. Way to go guys!

A little technical note…I was enjoying the ride so much that I forgot to switch my GPS cycling computer back on after our first break at the Fit & Fuel Cafe. My on bike computer didn’t fair any better as it got knocked offline after I hit a large bump around the 56 mile mark. I was able to fix at at a stoplight, but by then I had missed a good chunk of mileage.

Regardless of the technical issues though (I think my final milage would have put me a mile or two short of the full 100 miles), it was still a great ride.


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