Abstract Doggy Art, Riding Solo, and the Knackered F-word

I missed my normally scheduled ride with the Caloosa Riders this morning after my puppy Chloe, discovered she has latent Dalí-esque talents, creating a lovely blue abstract painting on the guest room carpet. I manned the bucket and scrub brush while my wife rinsed out her blue mouth. Chloe’s fine, with normal colored gums, teeth and tongue now, but the carpet did not fare so well…time to get a throw rug.

An original “Salvador Chloe” masterpiece.

Art lesson over, I kitted up and hit the road by myself. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden solo, as I always prefer riding with friends, but I have to admit, today’s ride was a bit of a throw back, not only because I was riding by myself, but also because I was still riding blind (I forgot to replace the very dead batteries in my CatEye). It was actually rather refreshing to “just ride”, not worrying about speed, cadence, intervals, minding gaps, etc. Just me, the bike, and the road.

I surprisingly reached Coconut Point, the mid point of the ride, far quicker than I expected, showing an average speed of nearly 21 MPH…and here I thought I was relaxing on this ride…tail winds must have been very favorable. While passing Panera on a little cool down loop around the center, I heard my name called out in with a very proper British flair. I turned around to find Tina relaxing with a couple of friends on their mid ride break. She was accompanied by Tom, who we unceremoniously dropped last Thursday when I was riding with the gals, and Lisa, who I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before.

Tina, Tom and Lisa saying everything but “cheese”

We sat for a short while listening to Tom’s upcoming adventure of swimming around Key West, reminding him not to wear anything shiny while swimming as barracudas are particularly fond of swimmers wearing bling, as well as being able to swim just a wee bit faster than the sharks as they like all swimmers regardless of their fashion sense. We also spoke about the upcoming ride to the Keys, which has now morphed into a full fledged, self contained group ride scheduled for November (Yes the “Isle of Bones Tour is still on…I’ll have more info at a later date for those interested in joining us). Conversations over, I joined them on their return ride.

The ride back was going to be a bit more challenging with a gusting 15+ MPH Northeast wind. Funny how return rides always seem to be against the wind. Well, at least its good for the legs. Not having my onboard electronics working, I had to rely on Tina to shout out speeds to me while pulling. Even with those reminders, I still managed to creep the speed up as I regularly do when flying blind against a headwind. Lisa was keeping up, but we were forming gaps between us and Tina and Tom. Lisa took the lead for a bit and also picked up the pace, perhaps even more than I did. It’s great to see Lisa riding strong after her horrific incident with a wayward driver.

A stop light on Daniels let everyone catch up. I asked Tina if her knees were still bothering her from the Sunday ride. She mentioned they were a bit sore, but in general, she was “just a bit knackered” which Lisa, also a Brit, quickly pointed out that it meant “sexually spent”. Well I knew bike riding was a fun endeavor, but I didn’t know it was that much fun! As we pulled away from the light, the two of them were in a deep discussion about the etymological origins of the F-word. It’s always amusing to hear the phrase “Fornicating Under Consent of King” in the Queens English.

Stoplights were made for photo-ops

Back up to speed, Lisa and I again pulled away from Tina and Tom…but this time it was “under consent of Tina” so we sped away, leaving Tina to her “knackerings”. We pulled into SweetBay in short order. Tina wasn’t actually that far behind, coming in a few minutes later fist pumping with a big smile on her face…I’ll resist the silly knackered comment this time. She had dropped Tom…although I kidded her about dropping him, you could tell from the smile on her face that there was a little bit of evil joy in that.

So my art inspired solo ride turned out to be yet another fun group ride. Now if I could only find the secret to geting knackered on a bike…. 😉

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:21:30
Stopped Time: 59:57
Distance: 38.98 miles
Average: 16.53 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.13 mph
Ascent: 451 feet
Descent: 424 feet
Calories: 2111


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