The Return of the Young Pup

Young Pup, AKA Adam, my riding partner in crime from my first century, is back on his bike and ready to work off some of that post-marital bliss, which curiously enough always tends to accumulate right on ones midsection. Nearly six months have gone by since our last ride. I guess that is expected after getting hitched. I’m sure Mrs. Young Pup enjoyed all the time and attention, and I know he’s been riding with her, but with all due respects to her, it’s time to get him back on the road and whip him back into shape!

He’s baaaack!

The married life has been very good to Young Pup, perhaps too good, as our little 36 mile ride turned out to be surprisingly challenging for him. On many occasions during the ride, I’d turn to converse with him only to find him drifting far behind. I had warned him before saying “I do” that his bike is a very evil mistress that demands constant attention. Failure to do so would result in severe punishment. I guess he’s feeling it now, after all, hell has no wrath like a bicycle scorned!

All kidding aside though, it was great to ride with my old friend again. His schedule will be opening up to more rides, so I’m sure he’ll be tagging along with us often…with Mrs. Young Pup’s permission of course. I promise we’ll have him back in century shape by summers end, after all, he’s already got two under his belt.

Correction, he’s “way back!

Tomorrow will be a little bit of a litmus test for him as he accompanies a host of my cycling friends on the Wheels & Wings III cycling event out in Punta Gorda. The event, which is hosted by the Peace River Riders Bicycle Club, offers 50/32/15 mile ride through scenic Punta Gorda as well as a crack at “Speed Trap Alley” where those found speeding over the posted 25 MPH limit will be ticketed by the PGPD. Rumor has it that those breaking 30 MPH will be hauled off in cuffs…becoming a traffic scofflaw has never sounded like so much fun!

By the way, I put Young Pup to the test and he easily passed 26 MPH, so a traffic citation is in his immediate future. Welcome back Young Pup!

Route: Coconut Point to Vanderbuilt
Ride Time: 2:20:49
Stopped Time: 53:34
Distance: 36.62 miles
Average: 15.60 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.47 mph
Ascent: 225 feet
Descent: 217 feet
Calories: 2001


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