Wheels & Wings III

Yesterday a bunch of my cycling friends, as well as 232 other pedal happy people enjoyed a fantastic day of riding at the Peace River Riders Wheels & Wings III cycling event. Great friends, lots of smiling faces, perfect weather, beautiful scenery, ticket happy cops (I got ticketed for riding 30 MPH in a 25 MPH zone…but in a good way), and lots of wings and cold beer. We really could not have asked for more, well, except for one thing…

For the next ride, please restrain those evil mailboxes from jumping out and assaulting my cycling friends…Tina had an unfortunate run in with one of those nefarious mailboxes. Although it rang her bell hard enough to crack her helmet and knock her out, I’m happy to report that she will be ok.

Get well soon Tina. We are going to miss you out on the road. We’ll will do a missing man pace line in your honor on the next ride.

Kudos to the organizers and supporters of the event! It really was a great ride!

Route: Wheels & Wings III
Ride Time: 2:32:45
Stopped Time: 17:49
Distance: 50.06 miles
Average: 19.66 mph
Fastest Speed: 33.08 mph
Ascent: 54 feet
Descent: 36 feet
Calories: 2501


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