The British are Coming!

…One if by land, and two if by sea
 and I on the opposite shore shall be,
 Ready to ride and spread the alarm…

Those famous words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow never rang so true in this years Tour de France, as four Brits, Wiggins, Froome, Millar, and Cavendish have not only won five stages in this years tour, but two, Wiggo and Froome, have the first podium spots pretty much locked up already. Britain has never captured a maillot jaune before, let alone dominate La Grande Boucle as team Sky has been doing.

All smiles at the Panera break

You think we would have learned to watch out for those crafty Brits. The first British invasion happened on April 18, 1775, but luckily Paul and his trusty steed spread the word and gave everyone a heads up. Then on February 9, 1964 they launched another salvo when 4 mop topped fellows appeared on TV asking if they could hold our hand. We didn’t fare to well after that one as Animals, Hermits, Bachelors, Pacemakers, Yardbirds, Playboys and Stones quickly infiltrated our homeland sending countless teenage girls to the hospital for treatment of laryngitis.

We eventually held our ground and fought them off, but now a new war is waging in the French countryside, as these hard charging, two wheeled Brits are “est vraiment trop fort”. The real scary part is those same five are on their Olympic team, ready to put the hurt on everyone down in the land of the Carioca.

Not even the Can-Can will be safe once the Brits win.

This new British invasion is having a rather serious trickle down effect too. Take today’s ride for example. Lisa, a really sweet British lass, literally kicked everyone’s ass on the ride as her 21 MPH was more like 26 MPH! Perhaps her cyclocomputer was set to KM’s instead of miles, or we were lost in translation between her Queen’s english and our American english, but the fact remains, these Brits are on a roll!

So keep calm and carry on my friends, oh, and God save the Queen!

Route: Cocounut-40
Ride Time: 2:16:32
Stopped Time: 1:28:12
Distance: 38.58 miles
Average: 16.96 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.64 mph
Ascent: 665 feet
Descent: 677 feet
Calories: 1980


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