Slow Ride, Turtle Rescue, Flops & Road Rage

I had an easy leisurely paced ride scheduled today with a bunch of my cycling friends to loosen up the legs for tomorrow’s planned century ride to Ave Maria. Eight of us met up at the Sweetbay Market, which by the way, was quite the hotbed of cycling activity this morning as numerous groups chose to depart from there, and headed down Tree Line for a very relaxing ride to Coconut Point.

Leisurely cruising down Tree Line Boulevard

Cycling is always a treat, but it’s extra special when you can just relax and meander down the road with good friends enjoying lots of idle banter, particularly on such a spectacular day. As we pedaled down the boulevard, we ran across a rather large turtle in the road. The poor thing was really stuck between a rock and a hard place as both sides of the avenue there are walled off. Gus, AKA “El Taco Ardiente”, came to the rescue, cradling it in his arms like a large football, riding off with it down the road looking for a clear spot to set it on it’s way. The ever grateful turtle recapitulated his kindness by dousing him with a healthy helping of turtle pee. After a good laugh, we mounted up and continued our relaxed ride down the boulevard, eventually reaching Coconut Point for a java break at Panera Bread.

Our hero Gus receiving a reptilian golden shower

While pulling into Panera, Andrea, who was only on her third road bike ride and first ever group ride, performed a very graceful “Flop of Disgrace” into the meticulously landscaped shrubbery surrounding the building…sorry Andrea, there is no escape from the dubious honor, especially when you were not even using clip-less pedals. You escaped my camera during the fall, but you’re knees gave you away while enjoying the break. By the way, big kudos to Andrea for riding nearly 40 miles!

A very happy, post Flop of Disgrace graduate, Andrea on her first ever group ride.

Once the coffee’s and snacks were completed, we headed back out onto the road and continued riding at our relaxed pace. As we rode past FGCU, a car passed us uncomfortably close at speed…by this I mean barely a foot away from us. Not only did the driver buzz us, but he also pulled violently into the bike lane! Needless to say, we all shouted and gave the driver a very appropriate single finger salute, causing him to promptly pull over to have a few choice words with us. As you will see in the video below, the motorist was not only oblivious to the rules of the road, but also was in complete denial that he had done anything wrong, placing the blame for his action squarely on us.

Luckily no one was hurt, but his actions could have easily caused a very serious accident. Remember folks, the road belongs to all of us, so please share it and observe the three foot rule…if not, El Taco Ardiente will have a special treat for you…

Three feet, or else!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:29:16
Stopped Time: 1:12:20
Distance: 38.70 miles
Average: 15.56 mph
Fastest Speed: 30.72 mph
Ascent: 464 feet
Descent: 426 feet
Calories: 2053


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