The Great American Cycling Melting Pot

My friend Mel texted me last night asking if I wanted to join him and others on a group ride this morning. Being the riding whore that I am…and I mean that in a good way…I texted back saying I’d be there without even asking who was going and where we were headed, after all, it’s all about the ride. The planned departure time was 7:00 AM at the always hustling and bustling morning cycling hotspot, the Sweetbay Market.

Sure enough, when I rode up, the lot was filled with many known and unknown faces, all prepping their bikes for the morning ride. Our group was extremely varied with riders from the Caloosa Riders, Naples Velo, the Trek group, the Speedsters, and Angie’s Tri group. It was like a little mini UN summit on two wheels.

I know I have said this countless times, but the friendships and camaraderie made through cycling transcend all barriers. People from all walks of life and affiliations all come together for not only the love of the sport, but to spend quality time with others while enjoying the great outdoors…you really can’t ask for much more!

…but wait, there is more…not only did we form our very own “great American cycling melting pot”, but we also rescued a little baby chick stranded on the roadway! For those keeping score, that’s 2 animals rescued within a week. Props to all the guys and gals that joined us today on our spirited ride, as well as all those other groups of cyclists we saw out on the road today.

By the way, if you are every cycling on your own, and see another group of cyclists out there, don’t be shy and say hi. I’m sure they would love to have you join them on their ride.

Ride on my friends!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:06:03
Stopped Time: 1:08:40
Distance: 38.76 miles
Average: 18.45 mph
Fastest Speed: 32.07 mph
Ascent: 277 feet
Descent: 287 feet
Calories: 2003


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