Pippanated \pip-uh-ney-ted\ , adjective;

  1. to drain of strength or energy, wear out, or fatigue greatly while cycling with a caloric deficit
  2. condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy…particularly when on a 600 calorie diet
  3. hitting and surpassing your lactate threshold while barely maintaining a 2 digit speed
  4. forty mile rides feel more like 400 miles


Today’s word of the day is brought to you by none other than Pippa, AKA Donna Chang, who joined Isobel, Tim and myself for a Buckingham Park ride this morning…BTW Buckingham Park is the starting point of a whole host of cycling routes created by the Caloosa Riders, including, The Airport Special, Wheeler, Old Milwaukee, Alva Special, I Like Ike and Greenbriar. If you have ever cycled or driven out and around Lehigh Acres and seen odd colored marks with letters painted on the road and wondered what they were, they are the road marks of all the Buckingham rides.

Pippanation in the making

The plan was to meet up at Buckingham Park at 7:00 AM, an hour before the designated Caloosa Riders start time,  and get a head start before the August heat kicked in. Right off the bat we knew the day was going to be special, as Tara was AWOL. A quick call revealed that libations and late night shenanigans were to blame for her absence, so we had to settle on berating her a wee bit on the phone. To add insult to injury, Pippa forgot to switch out her pedals, leaving her to ride “truly clipless” in a pair of sneakers on SPD pedals (her first remark was “I can’t ride”, but there was no way we were going to let her bail). Regardless of the hiccups, the morning was spectacular with the sights, sounds and smells of the Florida countryside beckoning us to ride.

Iso and Tim thoroughly enjoying today’s low speed cruising

We started off nice and easy following the Yellow WE designations painted on the pavement. This was the Wheeler route, a clockwise 40 mile loop around Lehigh Acres. Traffic was virtually non existant, so we rode in double file.  Within the first miles it was evident that Miss Chang was not her old self, constantly drifting off the easy pace we had set. Mind you she’s usually tearing it up down the tarmac, so we knew something wasn’t kosher.

It wasn’t until the mid point stop that I found out what was up. As it turns out Pippa has been on a calorie deficit for weeks under the care of a nutritionist while getting ripped for a competition next weekend…and by calorie deficit I mean a measly 600 calories per day. I’ve had breakfasts over 600 calories for Pete’s sake! It was rather amusing, and a we bit frightening, when she waxed poetically about being able to have a dozen asparagus spears space evenly about her plate.

A Pippanated Pippa with just a few more miles to go

The thought of riding 40 miles, or any distance for that matter, with such little fuel in the tank is just crazy…and frankly, it showed as Pippa was completely out of her element and completely out of gas, as she struggled to hold a 13-14 MPH pace. She was sweating profusely and hanging her head as if she was riding 400 miles instead of the 40, all the while asking how much further we had to go…never a good sign. She insisted that we push on, obviously embarrassed by her situation, but there was no way we were going to leave her riding alone, and anyways, this was a group ride, so we just slowed it down and babied her back to Buckingham Park.

Now, no criticism intended…you know we love you Pippa, but frankly she should not have ridden. Yes cycling is a passion of hers, and yes we love to have her along, but she really did endanger herself quite a bit. The “Pippanator” was completely “Pippanated” today.

Pippa giving us a few “pointers” about her special diet…it was poetic justice that a truck full of Sam Adams was in the background

The moral of this story is fuel up and ride within your limits, especially if you are counting asparagus spears and fantasize about having a rice cake treat.

Pippa…kick ass next weekend, and pig out big time afterwards…but in the mean time, stay off two wheels please!!!

Route: Wheeler
Ride Time: 2:32:46
Stopped Time: 22:38
Distance: 37.93 miles
Average: 14.90 mph
Fastest Speed: 21.10 mph
Ascent: 321 feet
Descent: 328 feet
Calories: 2092
HR Average: 99
HR Max: 137
HR Zone 1: 51:20
HR Zone 2: 1:18:35
HR Zone 3: 18:03
HR Zone 4: 0:02
HR Zone 5: 0:00


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