The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Yesterday afternoon a couple came by to take a look at my wife’s bicycle which I had posted on Craigslist. They recently moved down to Florida and wanted a gently loved recreational bike for the misses and the puppy dog. My wife’s lovely powder blue Trek Navigator 2.0 fit the bill, particularly as it has been hanging on the wall unused since the day I got it for her…..don’t get me started on this!

This may be the only picture in existance of my wife on a bike

But I digress. The Misses wanted a bike to enjoy casual riding with her husband and puppy down and around the neighborhood and beaches. One look at the bike and she immediately fell in love with it, commenting that she needed to put a front basket on it for her puppy. She returned grinning ear to ear after a short test ride telling her husband, “this is perfect” and they plunked down the cash for it.

Having quite a bit of extra gear about, I asked if she wanted a helmet. She replied she never uses one as they are not comfortable, unattractive and take some of the freedom away from riding a bike. Being the “responsible cyclist” that I am, I interjected about the safety and necessity of a helmet, citing many reasons why vanity should never trump safety. She reluctantly accepted and chose one of the helmets I had hanging on the wall.

After they left, and after I gave my wife some more grief about never using that lovely bicycle, I sat down to surf the web a bit and came across an amazing video about a pair of Swedish women who have come up with an incredible solution to this “vanity issue” by inventing “the invisible bicycle helmet”…which really isn’t a helmet at all. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:15:20
Stopped Time: 1:57:43
Distance: 39.60 miles
Average: 17.56 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.25 mph
Ascent: 729 feet
Descent: 707 feet
Calories: 1997


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