Albert Update

Albert, the Red-Shouldered Hawk we found on the side of the road during yesterday’s ride, was rescued by CROW, The Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, shortly after we had left the officer to watch over him. He was taken to Sanibel and admitted to their clinic where he was carefully examined for any signs of injury. They found no signs of trauma, or other maladies, x-ray’s came back negative too, all good news. Apparently he is a very young hawk and perhaps had exerted himself too much and was overcome by yesterday’s heat.

Maureen, a volunteer at the center, said he rested well through the night, eating and drinking as expected. He was taken to their aviary today to test his flight capabilities which he passed with “flying colors”. He will be released back into the wild where we found him off Tree Line Boulevard in the next day or so. Maureen will be updating us with some pictures from the clinic as well as his release in the next couple of days…Thanks Maureen!

For more information about the excellent work done at CROW, surf on over to their website at, or better yet, if you are nearby, go visit. They are located on Sanibel Island right by the J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge.


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