Busting Cherries

It was “Century Cherry Busting” time yesterday as Larry, Mel, Gus, Bill, Craig, Manuel, Wisnick, and Jeff joined me on a 100 mile ride down the SW coast of Florida. The departure was dark and wet (full lights on this ride), but by rides end it was bright and sizzling hot. Big congrats to Manuel, Wisnick and Jeff as they hung tough and finished strong!

There were far too many hijinks on this ride to go into…what else can you expect from grown men spending hours in the saddle in 100+ degree surface temperatures, so just click on the video and turn it up…REAL LOUD!

Route: Coastal Century
Ride Time: 6:00:29
Stopped Time: 1:54:38
Distance: 100.39 miles
Average: 16.71 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.89 mph
Ascent: 1297 feet
Descent: 1296 feet
Calories: 5424


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