Being Seen: Project Aura

Last Sunday’s century ride was the first time in quite a while that I actually rode at night (technically early morning, but it was completely dark out). Now normally I don’t ride at night, but the calm and mysterious atmosphere of the dark is rather appealing, and as I mentioned on another post, your eyesight adjusts allowing you to see quite well with little to no lighting.

Unfortunately, riding at night can be a daunting and dangerous task. The underlying problem with riding at night is not seeing, but being seen. Visibility at night is a vital component of cycling safety, hence the need for reflectors and attachable blinky lights. However, some of these devices are not always effective especially from the side.

A very unique solution to this problem is Project Aura, a system which drastically increases the riders visual footprint at night from all angles, particularly from the side. It’s accomplished by expanding the surface area of light emitted through the use of RGB LEDs inside the rims of the wheels that change from red when slowing down to white when at cruising speed.

This would be an awesome project for a kickstart campaign. Watch the video and be amazed…

Route: New Route
Ride Time: 3:00:43
Stopped Time: 46:47
Distance: 39.98 miles
Average: 19.27 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.52 mph
Ascent: 415 feet
Descent: 422 feet
Calories: 2126


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