The Calm Before the Storm

With Tropical Storm Isaac approaching, we decided to squeeze in one more ride before the weather got nasty. Apparently we weren’t the only ones as the Sweetbay Market lot was filled with cyclist’s cars…the tell tale racks and bike carriers always give them away.

Tina, Gus, Mel, Manuel and Joel, who finally got himself a real kit, joined me for a 40 mile ride highlighted by the first winds of Isaac. Unlike the previous days road raged inspired ride, this one was all smooth sailing, even if the winds were kicking up a bit.

Lots of smiles, silly banter and goofy antics were had as we enjoyed the morning sunshine, knowing we probably wouldn’t be seeing it for the next few days as the weather quickly degrades with Isaac’s approach. By the way, the spaghetti models show the forecasted path to remain off shore from us, but I’m sure we’ll still get a good dousing as well as a whole lot of wind…perhaps a high speed tail wind ride is in order!!!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:09:03
Stopped Time: 2:44:09
Distance: 38.71 miles
Average: 18.00 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.16 mph
Ascent: 627 feet
Descent: 644 feet
Calories: 2028


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