Sebring Bound

I squeezed in a nice, relaxing 40 mile ride this morning with my friends Gus, Tina, Steve, Karen, and a new riding friend, Lou. Lou is yet another one of Tina’s running friends from the Speedsters local running club. Like all of the Speedster’s crew, he is a die hard, or in my eyes, crazy, runner who prefers two legged torture vs two wheeled fun. Regardless of his preferences, he did a very admirable job of grinding out the 40 miles today, and is always welcomed to join us on our rides.

Heading back onto the road after a refueling break at Panera.

One very curious note about the ride this morning occurred in the last few miles. Lou asked me how many races do I participate in each year. I told him that I do not race or compete competitively, enjoying instead the camaraderie of group rides, endurance riding, event riding and just generally being on the bike as much as possible. He looked at me with a perplexed expression and then asked, why train so much if I don’t compete. My answer was simply “because I love to ride”…which left him even more befuddled.

If he sticks with cycling, he’ll understand my answer in due time, but I’m sure he’ll be cursing his bike out tonight after today’s 40 miles, especially every time he goes to sit down! Kudos again on the ride Lou.

Once the ride was done it was time to start packing the bags and stowing the riding gear for 230 miles of open road cycling fun at the Tour of Sebring. It’s going to be a fun 3 days with great friends. I’ll see you all on the porch of the old Kenilworth Lodge!

Route: Cocounut-40
Ride Time: 2:36:24
Stopped Time: 1:44:37
Distance: 40.51 miles
Average: 15.54 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.34 mph
Ascent: 453 feet
Descent: 450 feet
Calories: 2212

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