Lactic Acid Overload

I was in need of a nice easy paced recovery ride today to help flush out all the accumulated lactic acid sitting in my legs. The extra 230 miles from the Tour of Sebring was making me legs feel extremely heavy and dead. I can maintain a good pace, as I did on yesterday’s ride, but I have absolutely no burst right now, so what better way to flush out the bad juju than a fun easy ride with a bunch of friends.

Gus, “the Duchess”, Tara and Karen joined me on a very relaxed ride down Tree Line and back, as well as enjoying some freshly baked goods from Panera Bread…Karen even brought some home baked gingersnap cookies!

Thanks for putting up with my slow pace…my legs thank you!

As an extra measure, I think I’ll take a day off from cycling tomorrow and give the bike a good cleaning…I need to scrub Sebring off it as well as all the splattered bugs (note to self, try to avoid driving at night with the bike on the roof rack).

Activity: Coconut-40
Started: Sep 6, 2012 7:16:16 AM
Ride Time: 2:31:18
Stopped Time: 1:18:19
Distance: 40.65 miles
Average Speed: 16.12 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.81 mph
Ascent: 945 feet
Descent: 952 feet
Calories: 2174

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