Goodnight Papo

I’ve been away the last couple of weeks at my fathers side as he fought for his life at Tampa General Hospital. After a valiant struggle and exceptional care from the CCU staff, my dear, sweet, loving father passed away.

Dad lived a long wonderful 80 years which took him from very humble upbringing in Cuba, to becoming a physician and practicing the speciality of pathology in Illinois and Florida for over 50 years.

He was an exceptional husband of over 50 years to my mother, as well an amazing father to me and my sisters. Kind, loving, caring and extremely generous are just a few of the innumerable adjectives that can be used to describe all the amazing qualities that defined him. Perhaps his most endearing feature though was his infectious smile and good humor.

Always willing to help others, he never put his needs before anyone else’s and never asked for anything in return. He was extremely protective of all his family as well as all those that were close to him.

He was my mentor, my role model, my best friend and even in his absence, he will continue to make me a better husband, father and person.

Goodnight dear Papo. I will miss you terribly.


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