Two Wheeled Therapy

A very special thank you to my dear friend Angela who provided me with some desperately needed two wheeled therapy after the passing of my father. Thank you Angela for your caring and understanding. The deep love and compassion you demonstrated for your own departed parents has made this transition in my life all that much easier.

Thank you for letting me bend your ear and most importantly, thank you for being my friend.

Oh, and thank you for not riding me into the ground…two weeks off the bike makes for a very angry mistress (btw before anyone jumps to conclusions, I very appropriately named my bike “The Mistress”)

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 3:51:40
Stopped Time: 2:37:30
Distance: 39.63 miles
Average: 18.26 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.05 mph
Ascent: 4250 feet
Descent: 4234 feet
Calories: 2923


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