The Mistress

The Mistress is angry and unforgiving as always. I have not been paying much attention to her over these last two weeks, leaving her hanging on the wall in the darkness of my garage, all the while collecting dust and even the odd spider web.

I gingerly removed her from the wall and caressed her sleek angular body with a damp cloth to reveal her menacing black on black paint. I lovingly applied a generous coating of lubricant to her drivetrain and carefully pumped new life into her tires before mounting her, knowing well that she was going to be remorseless, revengeful and completely uncompassionate after ignoring her for so long.

Gus and Tara came along for some moral support. Curiously they too were having to tread cautiously as they were both breaking in inamoratas of their own, one a hot blooded Italian vixen, the other a she-devil in red, leaving us no choice but to maintain an impassioned rhythmic pedaling stroke as our impassive two wheeled chatelaines begged us for more. Ah, but we knew better. Although we were one with our seductively sensual machines any wanton flirtation with speed would have left our bodies in exquisite anguish from their unforgiving embrace.

OK enough of this harlequinesque tale…this is not 50 shades of cycling. As my overtly imaginative vagary implied, two weeks off the bike can lead to a not so happy reunion…particularly in the nether regions. So a nice easy break in ride was the order of the day for all of us.

It actually felt great to get on the bike after these last two weeks. I’ve always said that cycling is therapeutic, and it was just what the doctor ordered to bring back some normality…ditto with the pumpkin pie bagel with New York style cheesecake spread…YUM!!! Gus also found a winner with the Chocolate Bobka! We’ll probably have to squeeze in a few extra miles this week just to work off those treats!

Cycling fuel from Panera

Thanks for the pulls Gus and Tara. I’ll be back up to speed in a week!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:15:11
Stopped Time: 1:59:24
Distance: 38.45 miles
Average: 17.07 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.72 mph
Ascent: 2040 feet
Descent: 2069 feet
Calories: 1954


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