2012 Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride

We ride for our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, and our best friends. We ride for people we know and for people we don’t. We ride to raise money for research and to find a cure…

Saturday’s Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride was another hit as a record number of riders came out to enjoy  a fun filled morning of cycling for a very worthy cause. Most people have a close friend or family member affected by the disease, as one in every eight women in the US is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

This year it hit particularly close as Amy W, one of my dearest friends was diagnosed and is currently under treatment for breast cancer. She’s in a fight that she did not pick, but she is strong and I know she will beat this disease.

Props are in order for Trek actively supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as well as our own local Trek store and its sponsors for hosting the event. Kudos are also in order for all the volunteers and cyclists who participated in the ride.

Route: Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride
Ride Time: 1:15:32
Distance: 22.2 miles
Average: 17.6 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.9 mph


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