72 Hours to Key West: The Isle of Bones Tour Recap

Guest Blogger and fellow Fort Myers NutBag, Craig R. Hersch, wrapped up our amazing three day cycling trek to Key West quite eloquently on FaceBook…so naturally I stole it. I’ll have a complete wrap up posted along with many pictures and video within the next few days…I’m still reliving the memories, grinning ear to ear, and of coarse, sporting a sore butt.

Congratulations to all my new and old cycling friends on completing the adventure, and big kudos to Joanna, Kevin and SAG Daddy on pulling off such a spectacular event!

It’s all about the journey

27 guys and gals, mostly strangers to one another
meet in a dark parking lot,
to get high without drugs
the anticipation of what awaits
little did we know how special the next three days would become,
A climb up the Mantanzas Pass Bridge dumped us out onto Fort Myers Beach,
for the first of three beautiful sunrises,
that began the adventure,
from the ritzy Naples neighborhoods,
to peeing in bushes,
the long trek across the Everglades,
with construction workers waiving and telling us how cool it was to see our colorful peloton roll by,
SAG Daddy’s cheerful support,
and Joanna’s effervescent personality (and yummy eats!),
one lane construction sprints,
the smoked filled Miccosukee lobby,
casino style buffet,
and collapsing into bed exhausted and excited,
the cheerful good mornings,
the laughter and joking,
our newfound comfort with one another evident,
we embark towards the Keys,
but alas,
Krome Avenue and its treacheries awaits,
fixing flat tires,
while dodging dump trucks,
amid the one fingered salutes,
but upon seeing the tall bridge we know,
that we’re through Miami
and now the beauty returns,
to the Post Card Inn where we down some at the Tiki Bar
with the spectacular views
and sooner than we expect it
we are watching the most beautiful sunrise that marks
our final day
across bridge after bridge after bridge
the vistas more striking each time
until the famous seven mile span
that takes us to another place
both within ourselves
and collectively
suddenly we’re there
hoisting our bikes
taking pictures
in front of the southernmost point of the USofA
And we all know
that it isn’t so much the destination
as it is the journey
27 new friends
who can’t wipe the smiles off their faces
and speak of next year


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