Old Fart Run Part Seize: The Friendly Confines

With a spectacularly successful two wheeled invasion of the Conch Republic now officially off the bucket list, and a few days off the bike to allow the tender bits to recover from over 300 miles of cycling, it was time to get back to my normal cycling routine. What better way to do that than join up with my buddies from the Caloosa Riders for a “recovery ride” down Tree Line.

With the biannual snowbird migration in full swing, many old friends showed up to the group ride today including, Vince, Dave, Tom, Andy and Larry to name a few…good to have you back guys! While we waited for more to arrive, I kicked my tall tales from the Keys into full gear. Curiously a small contingent of Caloosa riders are at Key West today after completing their own self contained version of our larger three day tour…big congrats are in order for their invasion!

The guys ooh and aah’d as I waxed lyrically about the Key West tour…I’m pretty sure they will all be signing up for next years tour, I know I will. They sympathetically decided I was due for an easy relaxing ride after my 300 mile excursion, so they quickly ramped up the speed to 24 MPH…thanks a lot. But what comes around goes around….especially on two wheels, so when it was my turn to pull, I recapitulated by bringing the speeds up to 28 MPH…I guess the legs are recovered 😉

Eventually we settled down to an “easy” 22 MPH and made our way to Panera to warm up a bit. It was unseasonably cold this morning, and to top it off, we must have ridden right through the oncoming cold front as the temperature in Estero was a good ten degrees cooler than Fort Myers. It was definitely a day for a base layer…of course mine was hanging in my closet at home.

Some hot coffee and tea and we were back on the road fighting a rather stubborn NW headwind all the way home. Needless to say, the chill in the air plus headwind brought our speeds down to a more realistic 18-20 MPH.

It’s good to be back home and cycling with the gang, but I have to admit, I really miss spending the entire day outdoors, exploring new territories with a bunch of enthusiastic cyclists…not to mention the Rum Runners afterwards. I think I may have to alter my cycling schedule to include more multiday tours instead of the classic event rides. Until then, you can always find me racking up the miles in the friendly confines of Fort Myers.

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:19:08
Stopped Time: 1:03:48
Distance: 38.21 miles
Average: 16.48 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.45 mph
Ascent: 1876 feet
Descent: 1912 feet
Calories: 1871


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