Unseasonably cold weather, well at least for Florida, had me breaking out a base layer and tights for today’s ride. I still have yet to perfect the art of layering, which is very tricky down here as there can be a 30+ degree swing in temperature between the start and end of a ride. Today was not one of those days as it started chilly…in the low 50’s…and never climbed above 68° for the duration of the ride…the gusting 15+ MPH winds certainly didn’t help warm things up at all.

The Duchess was checking out the latest in cold weather riding gear.

I have a few select pieces of cold(er) weather gear, but frankly my collection is stil incomplete. I’m still in need of a good pair of winter gloves and booties/toe covers. I was thinking a full fingered pair of Gore Windstopper gloves would work great down here, as well as some Windstopper toe covers. My current base layers from Voler are more than adequate…they have kept me warm on those extreme riding days where the temperature dips into the 40’s (yeah yeah….I know 40’s are light jacket weather up north, but it’s damn near frigid for us), but I’m still in need of a good technical/soft shell jacket for those really chilly overcast days. Sure they are not all that common down here, but why loose a day of riding when you don’t have too. I was favoring another Gore product (yeah I’m a bit of a Gore Whore), the Phantom jacket. It appears to be the most versatile jacket out there being windproof, insulated and water resistant. It even has zip off sleeves, perfect for our wildly varying winter ride temps.

I’m sure we’ll be back into our 80’s comfort zone in a day or so, leaving plenty of time to find those last few pieces of gear. With my luck, I’ll drop the order for all this cold weather gear and the temperature will never dip below 70 all winter…at least I won’t be outgrowing it!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:37:11
Stopped Time: 2:37:03
Distance: 43.89 miles
Average: 16.75 mph
Fastest Speed: 21.71 mph
Ascent: 4399 feet
Descent: 4463 feet
Calories: 2067


6 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr!

  1. Well, cute wear there. It would be fun up here in Alberta when we do get winters like -20 degrees C…which is different than -20 degrees F weather!!! It’s colder. Happy riding in Florida. Get out there ’cause at least there’s no ice nor snow!

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