Return of the Australis Floridiansis Avis Nix

We measure our seasons a bit differently here in Florida. Instead of the four well known seasons of summer, fall, winter and spring, we have hurricane season, love bug season, snowbird season and summer. Unlike the rest of the country, the end of our summer is not heralded by the changing color of the foliage, nor a certain crispness in the air, it is instead marked by a progressive increase in local traffic, particularly the countless RV’s meandering down our major highways, and the logarithmically increasing wait times at all our restaurants. Yes folks, we are in Snowbird Season!

The great Southern migration of the Australis Floridiansis Avis Nix, more commonly known referred to as the Florida Snowbird is in full swing. I unlike other fulltime residents welcome their arrival as they bring a cultural diversity and the down-home friendliness to SW Florida, not to mention a healthy boost to the local economy. Sure there are some downsides to the migration, like the aforementioned long wait times at restaurants, but in general, all are tolerable…well except for the occasional “motoring madness” that some snowbirds exhibit while nesting down here.

The southern migration was very evident in today’s 40 mile ride with the Caloosa Riders as our group numbers are drastically increasing each week. Best of all, it’s not just our migratory friends, but also new riders! I just hope they were not too shocked by our recovery hammer fest ride…speeds crept up near 30 MPH!

Welcome back my friends…enjoy your home in the sun!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:06:03
Stopped Time: 1:00:36
Distance: 38.25 miles
Average: 18.21 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.93 mph
Ascent: 1782 feet
Descent: 1821 feet
Calories: 1854


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