Ave Maria Century aka the Tour de Flats

A couple of weeks back Anastasija, a running and triathlete friend of ours, asked Gus and myself if we could get a century ride together and break her century cherry. Always willing to oblige, especially when cycling and cherries are involved, I mapped out a ride around the smooth rolling, little trafficked roads of Immokalee and Ave Maria, and shot out a FaceBook invitation to all my cycling friends. By Sunday’s start time, we had nearly 30 cyclists ready to join us and take on the century. We even had two other century virgins in the mix!

The weather was fantastic, the traffic was light, and the company was amazing. I can’t begin to describe what a great cycling community we have down here. Thank you all for coming out and spending the day with us. It was a spectacular ride, even with the 13 flats!

For those that missed it, here’s a little video montage of the fun.

Route: Ave Maria Century
Ride Time: 5:33:04
Distance: 104.6 miles
Average: 18.80 mph
Fastest Speed: 32.0 mph


3 thoughts on “Ave Maria Century aka the Tour de Flats

    1. We would have loved to have you join us Jon. Lets start planning a spring ride up in your neck of the woods. About time we flat landers tackle some good rollers and climbs.

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