72 Hours to Key West: The Isle of Bones Tour in Pictures

Back in November, 27 cyclists came together to take on an epic 280 mile tour from Fort Myers Beach to the Isle of Bones, Key West. Our adventure transected Florida across the lush and seemingly endless everglades, through the Miccosukee reservations and their terrible “rumble strips”, down the infamously rough and heavily trafficked Krome Blvd to the serenely beautiful overseas highway with it’s 42 bridges connecting 43 tropical islands and our eventual goal, Key West.

The spectacular vistas and diversity of flora and fauna throughout the tour were matched only by the amazing company of our fellow cyclists. Not even the long hours in the saddle and sore bottoms could erase the smiles on our faces. It would be a disservice to all to try and describe the entire trip, so instead, I’ve put together a photomontage chronicling the trip. Enjoy!

Thanks again to Kevin, Joanna an SAG Daddy, as well as the sponsors for organizing the ride. Although it’s officially off my bucket list, I’ll be sure to repeat it often.


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