Everyone Rides, Runs & Relaxes

It was time to revisit the cycling event where my century cherry was originally broken, the Everyone Rides event in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lee County. This years event was not only bigger, but also much expanded to include not only all the cycling events but also a half marathon and 5K for the runners, as well as a food expo filled with gastronomic delights, and a kids zone chocked full of activities for everyone. In fact the event was so large that it was relocated to the new JetBlue Park.

Huge props are in order for Matt McCain, his team, and small army of volunteers for successfully pulling off what is arguably the premier charity sporting event in Southwest Florida. A big thank you also to the three cycling pros, Tom Danielson, Phil Gaimon and Frankie Andreu as well as the all the police and emergency responders that provided fantastic traffic management and full blown police escorts as we wound our way out of town onto the backroads of Florida.

But, the real props go to everyone that came out to enjoy a fantastic day full of cycling, running, and all around fun in support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lee County. Be sure to mark your calendar for next years event, I’m sure it’s going to be even bigger!

As for the ride, the gang elected to go with the metric century instead of the full century…we wanted to get back early to dig into the food expo with it’s 20-some different restaurants and enjoy all the amenities, after all, how often do you have full access to a ball park! The day was spectacular with little wind an loads of sunshine. Hundreds of cyclists and runners packed the grounds, all anxiously awaiting the start of their respective courses. The two wheeled lovers had multiple rides to choose from including 100/62/30/15 mile routes, while the runners had the choice of a competitive half marathon or 5K fun run.

As usual, our relaxed metric century turned into a bit of a hammer fest resulting in an average speed over 21 MPH, but this was no where near the pro lead century group, whose lead riders finished the 100 mile route in 4 hours flat! And speaking of flats, our group had none…very welcomed, especially after last weeks Tour de Flat Century around Ave Maria.

Route: Everyone Rides Metric Century
Ride Time: 2:58:38
Distance: 63 miles
Average: 21.4 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.9 mph

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.21.53 AM


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