What — a swallow carrying a coconut?

The fair weather cyclist in me has kept me off my trusty steed this week as gray rainy days have driven me to the elliptical machine instead of the open road. It’s really not the rain per say, but the tedious post ride cleanup that made me choose the indoor grind vs outdoor freedom, especially with the already hectic and restricted riding time of the Holiday Season. Speaking of which, just what does one get a cyclist for Christmas?

Any avid cyclist is sure to have all the necessary/must have gear already on hand. Sure a new set of carbon clinchers would always be welcomed under the tree, but lets be realistic here…not even Santa Clause has the budget to cover that expense. New pieces of kit are always welcomed, but the wrong colored socks or jersey may clash with the rest of our gear…and we all know cyclists are not vain. So what does one buy for the cyclist on your list that has everything?

The crazy Brits over at Trotify just might have the answer, and you don’t have to travel through Mercea to find it. Just watch the videos below and decide for yourself.



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