il Cavallino Rampante

We were in for a real treat today at the midpoint of out 76 mile ride when we stopped at the Mercato in Naples for the Holiday Collector Car Show featuring a collection of over 100 of the most exotic automobiles on the planet. We saw everything from one off custom hot rods, and antiques to the extremely exotic Lamborghini Aventador as well as everything in between, but the real attention getters were row after row of cavallinos rampante painted rosso corsa, gleaming in the late morning sun.


We saw 360 Spiders, 550 Barchetta’s, 430 Scudera’s, 599 GTO’s, 360 Modena’s, 208 GTB’s, 400 GT’s, 458 Italia’s, California’s and even a rare FF, as well as many other three digit exotics from Ferrari. It was literally a sea of red, with a little yellow, black and silver tossed in for fun. There was also sprinkling of Lamborghini’s, Ford GT’s, Maserati’s, McLaren’s and Mercedes present, keeping those lust worthy Maranello signorinas from stealing the show. In short, it was a virtual horsepower orgy on the streets of the Mercato.


Speaking of horsepower, these exotic beasts have mind blowing numbers, almost as outrageous as their MSRP! For example the F12 Berlinetta’s 200-bar, direct-injection 6262cc 65° V12 delivers an astounding 740 horsepower! That’s over three times higher than your average car, or to put it in cycling terms, it would be approximately 621.6 Fabian Cancellara’s or 1,492 average cyclists (where 1 HP = 746 Watts…for those mathematically inclined).


Curiously though, the standout from all those sexy and exotically sculpted signorinas was a 1959 BMW Isetta 600 which produced a lowly 19.5 horsepower from it’s two cylinder 585cc engine. Giving it a 0-60 time of over 30 seconds and a top speed of 53 MPH…performance numbers easily beaten by just about any pro tour cyclist.


My personal favorite? A vintage (late 60’s?) Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce. Sexy, yet distinctive with tons of character. BTW this would also make a great present for the cyclist that has everything…..hint, hint Santa 😉



Route: Naples Beaches Loop
Ride Time: 4:20:25
Stopped Time: 2:57:42
Distance: 76.05 miles
Average: 17.52 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.77 mph
Ascent: 3706 feet
Descent: 3691 feet
Calories: 3968

Click for Ride Stats


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