The Festive 500: Ride to Redemption

With the Holiday Season in full swing, and the year winding down…not to mention a little thing called winter for our northern friends, most of us have either drastically curtailed our cycling or simply stopped riding for the year. Rapha, the premium British kit maker, is enticing us to keep on riding by challenging riders across the globe to go the distance and escape the clutches of holiday indulgence by riding 500 kilometres between the 23rd and 31st of December.


For those metrically challenged, that would be 311 miles in 9 days, which works out to a short 34.5 miles per day. A piece of cake here in the warm sunny south, not so up north in the cold and snow…sorry guys, trainer and roller mileage does not count.

They ask that you track/post evidence of your progress via photos, videos, prose, poetry, drawings, or any other creative application you see fit via social media channels such as Facebook, Strava, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, blog, etc.

To help entice you, they are offering some very nice swag for the best stories/documentaries of the challenge as well as a very nifty commemorative woven badge for all that complete the task.

Registration for the challenge starts today, December 16th. Head on over to The Festive 500 (–2012) site to register. It’s guaranteed to keep those Christmas cookies in check!


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