Yet Another Great Gift for the Cyclist that has Everything

I have found yet another perfect gift for the cycling obsessed. This “must have” gift comes from the Park Tool company, who has been making arguably the best cycling tools in the industry for the last fifty years. Unlike all their ubiquitous blue tools, repair stands and cleaning products, this item is in a category all it’s own making it all that much more desirable.

So is it a new chain tool, a new truing stand, or all in one multi-tool? Could it be a new synthetic lubricant that eliminates friction and makes your bike twice as fast, or perhaps a reamer and pilot set for your bottom bracket shell? No, no and not even close.

It is the newly redesigned PZT-2 Pizza Tool. Now bigger, better and stronger than before. It’s super sharp, large diameter stainless steel cutting wheel cuts through even the toughest pizza terrain effortlessly, and it comes in a stylish Park Tools blue too!

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.33.55 AM


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