It’s race weekend here in Florida with the HITS Triathlon series down in Naples and the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend up in Orlando. Many of my friends are competing pushing themselves harder than ever before and quite literally kicking some serious ass! Although I was not competing, I still hopped on my bike and rode down to Naples to play cheerleader for the day.


Big kudos to Mike and Nastia for becoming first time Iron Men; Mark and Maura, for some amazing finishing times in their first Half Triathlons; Lisa for dominating the half Marathon at Disney and not realizing she was first in her age group; Wes, Tara, Tina, Jill, and Perry for tearing it up in the relays; Jessica for double dipping up at Disney…and the list goes on and on. Congrats on all the major accomplishments. You, as well as everyone else out there, are all true champions!

Now the bug is planted in me, so if I ever get a hang of this thing called running, I’ll be giving it a go this time next year…but first time to drop another 10 lbs…there’s 11,000+ feet of climbing beckoning up in North Georgia.

Route: Vanderbilt Naples Loop
Ride Time: 3:55:23
Stopped Time: 3:27:30
Distance: 64.72 miles
Average: 16.50 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.39 mph
Ascent: 1313 feet
Descent: 1388 feet
Calories: 3483

Click for Ride Data


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