The Rise of the MAMIL

Over on the other side of the pond, a new species of human is evolving. One which upon hitting his middle years has forgone the established traditions of purchasing a new sports car and “chasing a ball around some godforsaken suburban wasteland masquerading as a football pitch until a dodgy knee or persistent groin strain sidelines him”,  and replaced it with a newfound joy for lycra and an “über-techno, super-flashy, full-carbon-fiber, bobby-dazzler road bike”.


This new species has been identified as the MAMIL, the Middle Aged Man In Lycra, and no this is not a return to the disco era fashions, but is instead about using it as a tool to become a new man…a man who shaves his legs!

Ok that’s not quite right…

The BBC documented the MAMIL phenomena back in 2010, noting that middle aged men are choosing to get back on two wheels, stuffing their spreading midriffs into brightly colored lycra, all the while changing their lifestyles and becoming more fit. Admittedly, your partner may find your explanation for why you have started shaving your legs either baffling or implausible, but compared to the old midlife crisis cliche of the sports car, how foolish and self-indulgent is a bike? OK, a third or fourth bike might be considered a wee bit self-indulgent, but only to those that do not understand our sacred Velominate Rules which clearly state that the correct number of bikes to own is n+1 (where n is the number of bikes currently owned), but at  least that new Trek Madone is a lot easier to conceal than a bright red Porsche – both in the garage and on the credit card statement.


MAMIL’s are rampant all over the old world, and are spreading rapidly. They can be found on any popular cycling route or roadway. Many come from other sporting backgrounds, often sporting injuries that prevent them from running or playing high-impact sports. What starts out as a simple rehab exercise often turns into an addictive passion like no other. Once you catch the bug there’s no turning back!

They are seduced by the endless challenges in cycling. Its just you against the elements conquering long winding roads, relentless headwinds, and mountain passes. There’s no cheating and no shortcuts. The process of planning, choosing the right gear, training, and most of all, the suffering is what makes it all so satisfying. What other sport lets  you shave your legs and sip lattés in screaming loud lycra while still feeling like a man? The sheer toughness of the sport more than makes up for it. We’re an odd bunch but I wouldn’t have it any other way, after all, I wear my MAMIL badge proudly! Do you?

Thursday, Jan 24
Route: Bonita Beach Road Loop
Ride Time: 2:45:16
Stopped Time: 50:59
Distance: 49.26 miles
Average: 17.89 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.77 mph
Ascent: 1873 feet
Descent: 1876 feet
Calories: 2553

Click for Ride Data

Friday, Jan 25
Route: Coconut-40 + Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:43:53
Stopped Time: 49:48
Distance: 46.47 miles
Average: 17.01 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.26 mph
Calories: 2456
Cycle This Month: 587.48 miles
Cycle This Year: 587.48 miles

Click for Ride Data


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