Idle hands may be the devil’s workshop, but idle feet are an excuse to get in some computer time and overhaul the look of this blog. The design was looking a bit stale of late, especially on mobile platforms…is there anyone out there still using a computer these days? The functionality also did not lend itself well to the smaller screens of this new post-PC era particularly when navigating between posts.


So with a little artistic slight of hand using WordPress’ Triton Lite theme, and shamelessly borrowing heavily from Pinterest’s look, I’ve hopefully created a cleaner, simpler layout which allows you to quickly view the most recent posts as well as search for previous ones. It sure beats the heck out of having to scroll through all the posts to find that certain tid bit of “indispensable knowledge” you were looking for. The overall goal of this redesign was to create a tight and tidy post arrangement providing better visibility and usability for you, no matter what your choice of browsing platform.

I’ve also reformatted the ride reports. Google maps are no longer integrated at the end of each post. This would cause noticeable scrolling lag especially on some mobile platforms with slower connections. The ride report continues to be a quick and dirty list of data followed by a new ride data link. Clicking on this link will take you to a highly detailed page compiled from Cyclemeter data, featuring maps, graphs and an assortment of tables covering all aspects of the ride, well at least all those I have sensors for. Noticeably absent are heart rate and cadence which I monitor with my bikes Bontrager Node computer instead. One of these days I’ll just upgrade to the new Garmin Edge 510/810 and simplify my data collection. Until then, those used to Garmin Connect will be very familiar with this new overview.

Hopefully you’ll both enjoy and appreciate the new look to this blog. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. In the mean time, I’ll continue to fill it with all my verborrheic ramblings covering all of my cycling shenanigans down here in Southwest Florida.


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