…and now for something completely different

Heresy and sacrilege be damned! It’s finally time to put on the old sneakers and actually try this thing called running. I’ve gone on record stating, “…no one hates running more than me. Hell I’d rather do a double, no triple century and climb the Col du Galibier in my big rig than run.“, which still holds very true, but it’s the next logical step to keep increasing my fitness level, not to mention that’s it’s a sure fire way to quickly melt off some more pounds before tackling those North Georgia mountains…and who knows, I might actually enjoy it…cue eye roll.


It’s a well known fact that mixing in cycling with your running, commonly known as cross training, is extremely beneficial to the runner since it builds on ones aerobic base while working opposing muscles, like the quadriceps and hamstrings, providing greater muscular balance. On the flip side, running doesn’t benefit the cyclist nearly as much, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t provide some benefits.

Running is a lower-body exercise that works many of the same muscle groups as cycling, so it is a great enhancement to existing leg strength. However, at the same time, running also develops to some degree the upper-body muscle groups that get ignored for the most part when you’re busy mashing the pedals on your bike, such as the upper back, upper arm and shoulder muscle groups. There is also the bone density argument illustrating that the lack of impact in a cyclists training reduces bone density over time. We all need weight-bearing activities to keep our bones strong. Running, of course, is a weight-bearing activity with plenty of impact…too much if you ask me…that alone is a good reason to lace up the sneakers.

Now there are plenty of others pros and cons of mixing in some running with cycling, but in my case, cycling will continue to be my primary focus. I’ll use running principally as a tool to improve my cycling. To help break into this wheel-less world, I’ll be using Cyclemeter’s training guide for achieving a 5k in 10 weeks as well as all my running friends guidance and advice. I’ll gradually ease in and break my running cherry, but don’t expect any marathons from me in the near, or for that matter, distant future…but then who knows, I might actually like running…roll eyes again.

It all begins tomorrow morning. For the most part I’ll be alternating the running with cycling, at least for the first weeks. As with all my cycling, I’ll post my progress as well as any insight…most probably complaints…on here for all to see.


Friday, February 8
Ride Time: 2:37:19
Stopped Time: 1:27:08
Distance: 43.68 miles
Average: 16.66 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.95 mph
Calories: 2328
Cycle This Month: 151.00 miles
Cycle This Year: 875.62 miles

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Sunday, February 10
Ride Time: 2:55:49
Stopped Time: 54:23
Distance: 48.39 miles
Average: 16.51 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.82 mph
Calories: 2526
Cycle This Month: 199.39 miles
Cycle This Year: 924.00 miles

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Monday, February 11
Ride Time: 2:21:11
Stopped Time: 1:27:47
Distance: 39.20 miles
Average: 16.66 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.11 mph
Calories: 2036
Cycle This Month: 238.58 miles
Cycle This Year: 963.20 miles

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One thought on “…and now for something completely different

  1. Running will burn a lot more calories with a much shorter interval. Cardio work out much more intense than cycling as well. Ran well in to my 40’s until my orthopedic guy suggested cycling every other interval to take the stress off my hammies, groin,and knees. Suggest good running shoes and stay off the concrete.

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