Lacing Up, Day One: The Mulligan

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria…ok perhaps not the “disaster of biblical proportions” from Ghostbusters, but yes, I have started to run!


As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be following the 5k in 10 weeks training program from Abvio’s Cyclemeter App. Today’s workout called for a 30 minute run/walk consisting of a 5 minute warm up walk followed by 8 intervals of 1 minute runs and 1:30 minute walks concluding with a 5 minute cool down walk. That sounded easy enough, after all I was looking for a nice gental popping of my running cherry, so I had my morning breakfast of champions…Cheerios and juice…tossed on some comfortable clothes, laced up my sneaks, and headed out the door.

Right off the bat I realized one huge plus running has over cycling, I could wear earphones! This I soon found out was both a blessing and a curse. I chose my favorite playlist, popped in my ear buds, and started my brisk, 5 minute warm up walk with Erin McCarley playing…yeah I know….hipster music.

I was expecting Cyclemeter to prompt me when it was time to begin running. It did, but not via an auditory signal. It instead provided an on onscreen prompt, switching the display from walk mode to run mode. All well and good, but it’s hard to be focused on an iPhone screen, especially when running….note to Abvio, provide auditory transition prompts, you’d think they would be there, particularly since there are all sorts of customizable auditory prompts for pace, distance, etc….heck even posts from FaceBook are read to you in real time…it was pretty cool to hear a message from my friends Tina and Angela while torturing myself.

So I start running just as ELO starts playing. It didn’t take long to reaffirm that I really don’t like running. Sure if the Zombie apocalypse were upon us, I’d be running as fast as I could and not complaining about it, after all, there is nothing like a hungry zombie to get you motivated. All I had was ELO and that constant thump, thump, thump of my footsteps, but I kept to the plan. I looked down at the screen thinking it was time for a transition, but the timer kept on ticking away saying I had another minute to go. Either I had misread the initial workout plan or Cyclemeter was pulling a fast one on me, but I pressed on till it said walk.

The walk time was the expected 2 minutes, far more than enough to get my breathing and heartbeat down to normal…got to thank the bike for the great cardio conditioning…but not long enough to forget that last 2 minutes of thump, thump, thumping. Three, two, one, time to run again. I broke back into my stumbling, bumbling trot…I really need to work on the mechanics of running…yet frankly, it felt a little better than that first run.

Republica was playing now and I seemed to be getting into a little groove, but this second interval seemed to be taking forever. I refused to look at the iPhones screen…there is nothing worse than watching numbers tick by when you are in suffer mode. Sure enough I looked down and saw that this was a five minute interval…something was defiantly amiss. I slowed to a walk and fiddled a little with Cyclemeter only to find that I was on the week 4 workout instead of the week 1 workout. My bad, I guess I must have fat fingered the screen when I started the program, that or I inadvertently pressed something on the screen while thumping and bouncing down the road. I just winged it from that point on trying to keep a balanced mix of walking and running, calling for a mulligan on this attempt and rebooting my challenge to start on Thursday instead.

I did run enough to be able to make some observations about running…

  • First and foremost, running sucks! Fortunately I have some great friends who insist it will grow on me…hopefully not like a wart though.
  • Secondly, you sweat like a pig. I’m used to sweating, but when cycling, pretty much all your sweat gets wicked away. Here it just drips all over, and mind you I had sweat pooling in places that never sweat on the bike!
  • Third, things move very, very slowly, and even with the advantage of having your favorite tunes playing, it’s hard to drone out the monotonous thump, thump, thump of your footsteps.
  • Fourth, having to constantly hold onto an object, like an iPhone or water bottle, is a bit of a pain in the ass, particularly with the earbud cords bouncing around all over the place. I’ll have to look into arm band, belts etc. as I progress. I really miss my jersey pockets.
  • Fifth, runners run on the wrong side of the road. We’re not on the other side of the pond folks, run with traffic not against it….said like the true cyclist that I am.
  • Sixth, I definitely need to invest in a good pair of running shoes. My trusty sneakers, New Balance 608’s, may be comfy for everyday use, as well as a pick up game, but they are not the best choice for the constant pounding of running.
  • Seventh, although you can wear pretty much anything to run, I’m guessing “proper atire” may make things a wee bit more comfortable as well as keep “things” where they belong.
  • Eighth, you may be burning calories faster than when on the bike, but it certainly isn’t as much fun.
  • Ninth, running will make you hurt. Even with today’s short run, I can feel it’s effects. Not that hurting is a bad thing…I always say a good training ride should always have some degree of hurt to it…but the high impact from running is very different from the burn we get while cycling.
  • Last and most important, running sucks!

I’m back on the Mistress tomorrow for some high speed hijinks then I’ll reboot my running program on Thursday. Hopefully sticking to the right program will make it a bit more tolerable.

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 33:55
Stopped Time: 4:45
Distance: 2.69 miles
Average: 12:37 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:46 /mile
Calories: 316
5K This Month: 2.69 miles
5K This Year: 2.69 miles

Click for Run Data


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