Cycling Rocks, Running Not So Much

As I sat down to do my write up of today’s events, I noticed that I had more posts about running than cycling on my home page. How could this happen? My love for cycling has been hijacked by, of all things, running. Could it be that there is a hidden runner inside me? Have I been denying myself my true calling all these years….HELL NO!


I had let an entire week go by without hopping on “The Mistress”, leaving her hanging all alone on the garage wall while my old sneakers got all my attention. Even my free time was commandeered as I found myself reading online articles and blogs about running. I spent late night hours researching shoes, clothing, belts and hydration. Not once did I visit my bookmarked cycling pages. Well that all changed quickly this morning as it was time to ride!

It had only been a week, yet it felt far longer. The early morning routine felt so welcome. I was almost giddy as I kitted up and prepped my bike for the morning ride. I filled my bottles, packed my rear pockets with provisions, slathered on some sunscreen and headed out the door, only to find a dense blanket of fog clinging to the ground. Weather and diminished visibility be damned, I was going to ride.

The Mistress felt amazingly agile (try saying that without getting slapped by your significant other) as we plunged into the thick fog. The familiar sound of the wind and clicking free wheel were almost hypnotic…a far cry from the endless thump, thump, thump when running. I moved effortlessly, almost as if I was flying. How could I have chosen running over this?

Yet curiously enough, after a great ride with my friends from the Caloosa Riders, I’m still looking forward to tomorrow’s two footed beat down. I really don’t enjoy running (yet), but I like the challenge it brings. Not that cycling doesn’t bring challenges, in fact I think it brings more challenges than running…now before all my running friends take offense, just take one look at the Stelvio Pass and you’ll have to agree with me. Forty-eight switchbacks, 24.3 miles and over 9,000 feet of climbing  is no walk in the park, not even for a seasoned pro.

Passo dello Stelvio

So is there room in my heart, legs and lungs for both of these two sports? I guess only time will tell. Perhaps I should change the tagline of this blog from The Quest for 100 Miles in a Day to The Quest for 100 Miles in a Day as well as some running. Come to think of it, the current tagline is rather outdated as 100 miles in a day is pretty much a drop in the bucket now days. How about The Quest for Many Thousands of Two Wheeled Miles and a Little Running on the Side, or perhaps I should just be blunt with Cycling Rocks and Running Not So Much. Regardless of the tagline, I’ll keep on pedaling and thumping with a smile on my face. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll not only cycle up the Stelvio Pass, but also run up it!

Wednesday, February 20
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:15:27
Stopped Time: 50:54
Distance: 38.53 miles
Average: 17.07 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.90 mph
Calories: 1994
Cycle This Month: 314.15 miles
Cycle This Year: 1038.76 miles

Click for Ride Data


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