Lacing Up, Day Five: A Walk on the Wild Side

Week two of our running adventure started today. This weeks running plan is a 31 minute program with 7 intervals of 1:30 minute runs and 1:30 walks, flanked by the usual 5 minute warm up/cool down walk. Easy enough, in fact perhaps too easy as I kept wanting to run, while my wife anxiously looked forward to the “walk” announcement…she does not have the benefit of the several thousands of base miles I’ve logged on my bike. She’s a trooper though, she never quit on any of the run intervals.

I’m either getting the hang of this, or yesterday’s cycling really refreshed me, as I really didn’t want to slow to a walk, in fact I kept pulling away from my wife. I guess it’s a good thing she is accompanying me on this trek otherwise I’d be overdoing it and really hating the experience. OMG…did I just admit to like running!!!

As a little treat, we did our cool down walk down a rather hidden nature trail in our neighborhood. As we walked down the path we were immediately engulfed in the sights and sounds of wild Florida. We saw all kinds of water foul as well as some raptors circling above us. We also caught sight of quite a few snakes including a fearless Eastern Indigo which not only let me snap a few pictures of it, but also pet it! It’s amazing how you can be completely surrounded by nature while being only a few short strides from your home.

Perhaps we’ll change it up a bit for Saturday’s run and do a trail run. Changes of scenery are always welcomed…just not too sure about the footing, it would really suck to twist an ankle so early on this trek.

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 36:10
Stopped Time: 1:22
Distance: 2.52 miles
Average: 14:21 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:15 /mile
Calories: 299
5K This Month: 12.35 miles
5K This Year: 12.35 miles

Click for Run Data


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