Lacing Up, Day Six: Hot and Grumpy

I woke up on the proverbial “wrong side of the bed this morning” after over sleeping and missing my ride time. It’s one thing to miss a ride due to weather, work, injury, previous engagements, etc, but to miss it from oversleeping…terrible excuse. Now to be fair, I got to bed rather late, around 3:00 AM, after a ridiculously long session with some stubborn remote servers, as well as a couple rounds of Margaritas (yesterday was National Margarita Day). Once I got into bed, my puppy decided it was her turn to sleep with me…those of you with dachshunds know all too well how they can practically take over a bed, so I had to deal with her little legs kicking me most of the night.


Prior to succumbing to the sandman, I set my iPhone’s alarm to 6:00 AM… plenty of time to get ready for our 7:30 ride time. After what felt little more than a blink of an eye, I heard that very familiar dum da dum da dum da da da da, dum da dum da dum of Klause Badelt’s, He’s a Pirate from the Pirates of the Caribbean…what can I say, it’s my go to tune for waking up…think that’s bad, you should hear my ringtones. If your not familiar with this little ditty, the entire song and lyrics can be found in the video below.

I grab my iPhone, switch off the alarm, roll back over and close my eyes for just a minute more…big mistake. Next thing I know I hear a happy R2D2 chirping…yes my text sounds are just as bad as the alarm and the ring tones…with the guys asking where I was. Still tucked in bed, that’s where…so embarrassing. Oh well so much for my ride. At least I still had a run scheduled today…I was not going to miss that too.

My wife and I had originally planned on running after my ride and lunch…lets call it a little “afternoon delight”. With my ride eighty-sixed, we could bump it up to the morning, but she had prior plans with my son over at Lowe’s Build and Grow program, where kids get to make very cool wooden toys. No worries, we could run after they finished…or so I thought. Apparently some of the kids and parents were, as my wife said, “out of hand” turning the normally fun projects into an exercise in futility. She came back in no mood to run. I literally begged and pleaded with her to go with me, but she was not having any part of it, choosing to run on her own tomorrow. So it was off to thump, thump, thump on my own.

By now it was very late morning, 11:08 to be exact, and the temperature was already in the 80’s…cue the sweat session! I guess it really didn’t help that I was wearing a cotton t-shirt. Yes I know, I really need to buy some decent running clothing, but frankly, even with a good technical fiber, does any wicking occur at the low speeds one runs at…and by low I’m using cycling as a reference. It’s no wonder most of the runners down here in Florida are pretty much as close to being naked when running.


The run itself wasn’t bad. I had gotten used to running with my wife, so it felt longer than normal. Out of breath conversations easily trump the constant thump, thump, thump of running alone. Note to self, next time bring the earbuds. I really need to visit a running store and start looking at shoes, especially since the running intervals start increasing next week. Running in my sneaks is not the most pleasant sensation…I’m sure it’s giving me far more than my daily recommended allotment of weight-bearing impact training.

Grumpy, hot, tired, and perturbed, I finished out my run. Hopefully I won’t miss tomorrow’s ride…setting 2 alarms…perhaps a little Queen might be apropos for the second alarm.

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 35:37
Stopped Time: 0:30
Distance: 2.61 miles
Average: 13:40 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:17 /mile
Calories: 294
5K This Month: 14.96 miles
5K This Year: 14.96 miles

Click for Run Data


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