Lacing Up, Day Eight: Out of Sync

Even with the threat of a big bad T-Rex chasing her, my wife did not make up for the lost day of running leaving us out of sync on the running program. She didn’t feel that she was ready for today’s longer runs, wanting instead to repeat Tuesday run, which she was supposed to make up on her own, but did not.

She might have a valid point as she really has no starting base to rely on, not to mention she missed a couple of days from the first week…it took the presence of both Tina and Gus to get her running. One look at today’s week three program put her in the “there is no way I’m doing that” mode…she might have added an expletive or two… leaving us to basically run together yet on our own at the same time.

Not wanting to fall behind too far, she modified her training from the 10 week program we have been following, to a 9 week program, which hopefully will have us either overlapping in a week or so, or at least, finish up the programs at the same time. Instead of Abvio’s Cyclemeter (Runmeter) program she elected to go with Zen Lab’s C25K trainer. Like Cyclemeter, it’s an iPhone based app that tracks your progress and provides the training program to complete a 5k run. It has many similar bells and whistles like an audible coach, GPS tracking, playlists, social integration with FaceBook and Twitter, and ease of use, but it’s lacking analysis and reporting, scheduling, and overall flexibility for other activities and distances, but hey, it’s a free app, so it’s more than good enough.

Our run almost seemed like a cat and mouse game. Sometimes she would be out in front, other times I would. Since my program had more running time scheduled, I altered my route a bit, hoping to eventually meet up with her for the cool down walk. By the way, have you noticed that the route we take kind of looks like an outline of Woodstock. I ended up just a few yards behind her when I got to the cool down walk. Not too shabby, which curiously enough is exactly what the run felt like…not too shabby at all.

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 35:52
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 2.69 miles
Average: 13:21 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:30 /mile
Calories: 306
5K This Month: 20.10 miles
5K This Year: 20.10 miles

Click for Run Data


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