Your Opinion Matters

Now’s your chance to have your say and give the UCI…yes the one and only Union Cycliste Internationale…you’re 2.5¢ by participating in their first ever online survey on the sport of professional cycling. According to the website, your valuable opinion will “inform key decisions about the sport of cycling”. Their aim is to “to develop a clear vision for the sport globally which all stakeholders feel part of”. Funny I always thought using the words “clear” and UCI in the same sentence was an oxymoron.

Overall the survey is a bit leading, and of course there is no guarantee the results will be used by them. Given past history and practice, the UCI will probably push on with its plans, but who knows perhaps data mined from the survey may actually be put to good use. So go ahead and chime in. The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be found by clicking here. The survey closes on March 15, so sharpen up that number two pencil and start checking boxes!

Friday, March 1
Route: Coconut-40 + Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:20:22
Stopped Time: 30:31
Distance: 42.41 miles
Average: 18.13 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.35 mph
Calories: 2192
Cycle This Month: 42.41 miles
Cycle This Year: 1199.65 miles

Click for Ride Data


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