Lacing Up, Day Nine: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I double dipped this weekend, no not in the guacamole dip, although that is standard practice in this household, I cycled and ran on the same day. Sure no big deal for those seasoned Tri and Du athletes out there, but for the novice/rookie/newbie runner that I am it’s definitely something…hmmm what’s the word here, different.

Fast precise pace line down Tree Line with short duration pulls

Let me set the stage…the day was gray, cold…again by Florida standards, and windy. Not an idyllic day for riding, but then again, it was not a day to forego riding. To help combat the wind, we stuck to a strict 1/2 mile rotation on our pace line allowing us to keep the pace above 20 MPH regardless of the wind direction and gusts. It’s a nice change from the typical heroic style pulls some of us tend to do…I’m pointing a finger at myself…not to mention it’s far more efficient. Good thing too as my power was already down from the previous day’s recovery turned sprint ride, and, more importantly from double dipping the day before.

Although I can’t scientifically quantify it without a power meter, a luxury I have not treated myself to, my legs were not quite the same. Sure it was gray, and windy, but there was still something different going on in the old pistons which hasn’t been there before. My friend Gus jokingly told the others that today would be the day to drop me…he would have been right as I didn’t have the “punch” I normally have.

On the other hand, running after cycling felt great. Sure there’s a little wobbling in the legs at first, especially if you run immediately after cycling, but running actually felt easier and smoother after being on the bike. One can argue that it’s simply the case of being better warmed up/looser…I’m not the best at stretching, yet I still felt the same benefits on Saturday’s doubling which was many hours after finishing my ride.

Running at Lakes park with my wife and son in tow…he was pacing us all the way.

So I guess there is some truth in the saying that cycling greatly benefits the runner, while running only gives slight benefits to the cyclist. Obviously I need far more experimentation to personally corroborate this hypothesis, so don’t worry, I’ll keep mashing those pedals and lacing it up.

Saturday, February 2
Route: Bonita Loop
Ride Time: 2:44:32
Stopped Time: 1:52:49
Distance: 48.38 miles
Average: 17.64 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.65 mph
Calories: 2472
Cycle This Month: 90.79 miles
Cycle This Year: 1248.03 miles

Click for Ride Data

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 30:58
Stopped Time: 2:22
Distance: 2.39 miles
Average Pace: 12:56 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:43 /mile
Calories: 249
5K This Month: 22.49 miles
5K This Year: 22.49 miles

Click for Run Data


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