Lacing Up, Day Ten: Do You Do That Du Du Like I Do

Today was a designated running day, but an early morning call from the Duchess of Veloshire had me out the door and on my bike for an unscheduled 40 miler with the gang, which meant it was time to double up again with an after lunch run…this is getting to be old hat now.


First the ride. Lisa had a friend in town from the other side of the pond whose holiday break would not be complete without a sunny warm ride down in Florida. He got the sunny part well enough, but by no means was it warm when we headed out with the temperature hovering in the high 40’s. We all showed up in cold weather regalia, knowing full well that this would be another typical “strip as you go” ride as there would be a near 30° temperature change by rides end. Regardless though, this was going to be a nice easy spin out to Coconut Point and back, with the usual and customary stop at Panera for some mid ride treats.

The ride was filled with our usual chatter as we pedaled down the boulevard, enjoying the crisp, sunny day. Traffic was light, and for the most part, well behaved, which unfortunately becomes less frequent during these spring break months. All in all, a wonderful stress free  ride. There was one tiny mishap when Tina and Lisa tapped wheels, but their bike handling skills let them shrug it off with just a grin…as well as a few skipped heartbeats!

At Panera, we sat down to some hot tea and coffee, plus some freshly baked treats. Lisa’s was at least twice as big as she is, and although she cut it in half and offered it to us, she ended up eating the entire thing on here own! I’ve no idea how she downed the entire thing, but not a crumb was left of it. A quick stop at the Trek store for some technical assistance, as well as to say hi to Doug and Karen, and we were on our way back home. Having a nice tail wind, we had a little fun with some sprinting shenanigans, but even with Gus’ best attempt at running interference, the Duchess and I could not drop the rest of the bunch.

Unplanned rides are always a treat, especially with good friends. So no matter how busy your day, if a ride comes up, and there is the slightest window of opportunity to join it, do it! I guarantee it will put a silly grin on your face and make the day much better.

After parting ways, I headed home to grab some lunch and prepare for my originally scheduled run. I’d be running by myself as Maggie, my wife, had shifted her running days to better fit her and my son’s schedule. Unfortunate as it is, as one of the biggest perks of running was sharing the experience with her, her new schedule will allow her to focus better on her run. We’ll still end up completing the training at the same time, allowing us to participate in future running events together.

I didn’t actually get out to run until after three…I waited for my son to come home so he could loosen up with me. The weather was now perfect. Sunny, warm, and a nice breeze to keep the sweat in check. Picture perfect for any outdoor activity. The run itself was perhaps the most pleasant to date. Heck I even had some cows cheer me along with some well timed moo’s. I guess there is some truth in what my running friends have been telling me…it gets better with time. I’m still wearing the old sneaks which does take away from some of the “enjoyment”, but rest assured, as soon as the new Fit2Run store opens, I’ll go check out some new sneaks.

Week three of my running trek is in the can now. Runs are feeling better, almost to the point of calling them fun. Intervals begin to lengthen, so lets see if the fun quotient remains. The scariest part is I’m already thinking of knocking off a half marathon come years end…call me crazy, but hey, I like challenges. Until then, the thumping will continue.

Tuesday, March 5
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:23:02
Stopped Time: 1:03:14
Distance: 38.15 miles
Average: 16.00 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.40 mph
Calories: 2034
Cycle This Month: 128.94 miles
Cycle This Year: 1286.19 miles

Click for Ride Data

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 35:36
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 2.65 miles
Average: 13:26 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:22 /mile
Calories: 333
5K This Month: 5.05 miles
5K This Year: 25.15 miles

Click for Run Data


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