Lacing Up, Day Eleven: Revelation

Something odd and very unexpected occurred during today’s run. Now in week four of this trek, interval times were doubled and the run/walk percentage heavily favored the run, yet the run felt easy and far less harsh than it normally does. Even the dreaded thump, thump, thump was subdued. To put it in cycling terms, it’s like when you are “in the zone” and don’t feel your legs pumping away when hammering down the boulevard. It was a running epiphany!

Happy Toes

OK perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but I certainly found my “happy place” during the run. Sure my running pace is deliberately slow….see I’m listening Tina…but this was the first time it felt easy, dare I say enjoyable, as I just focused on the road ahead, never looking down at the iPhone to see how much time was left on the interval. I was caught completely off guard when the computer said “Cool down walk”.

Feeling completely energetic, and rather gung ho, I turned the cool down walk into another run interval…and it felt great! Can it be that I am slowly becoming a running convert???

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 38:28
Stopped Time: 0:32
Distance: 3.05 miles
Average: 12:36 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:35 /mile
Calories: 366
5K This Month: 8.10 miles
5K This Year: 28.20 miles

Click for Run Data


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