Roll, Roll, Roll, Your Bones

Over the last few years, I’ve been pretty fortunate at avoiding injuries while cycling. Sure there was that little “run in” with the silver Chevy a few years back which kept me off the bike for a few weeks as well as a bout of lateral epicondylitis in 2011 which also sidelined me a few days, but in general, the only things that have kept me off the bike are prior commitments and bad weather. Sure I’ve had my share of bumps, bruises, fatigue and a couple of knockdowns, none of which kept me from riding, but my streak of good fortune may have hit a stumbling block last night…a four legged one at that.


After a spirited forty mile ride with Gus and Jairo on Friday I went into play mode with my son and puppy, running around the house, rough housing and goofing off as much as possible. During one of our crazy chases…something zombie related…my puppy, a mini doxie, zigged while I zagged forcing me to slam my brakes on to avoid flattening her and barreling into my son. My breaks grabbed all too well, as my left ankle rolled inward accompanied by a nasty crunching sound followed by a couple of “clean expletives”.

My left ankle is no stranger to the occasional issue as it has a storied past which dates all the way back to my high school days…spending an entire winter on crutches in Chicago is not something one would wish on even their worst enemies. I’ve torn it, sprained it, twisted and rolled it on far too many occasions…it is my Achilles Heel. As soon as I hit the ground I knew that I’d be going into “tender foot mode” at least for a couple of days.

I immediately iced it up and elevated it hoping that this was just a minor incident. I moved into the guest bedroom for the night and made a pillow pyramid at the foot of the bed to keep it elevated over the night. Come morning it didn’t feel all that bad. I had an early morning ride with that gang scheduled as well as a run today. Obviously the run was out of the question…thumping away on a sore ankle would not be smart, but cycling on the other hand has no impact so what the hell, I kitted up for the ride.

About 10 miles into the ride my ankle began to let me know that riding immediately after rolling it was perhaps not the best idea. It didn’t hurt outright per say, but there was a constant annoying throb which would exacerbate every time we would stop and start. Needless to say I didn’t have much burst particularly when rolling away from a stop…some might call that a welcomed change as I often get called out for sprinting away from a stop. I could hold a constant pace easy enough, but quick changes in speed were out of the question as I was only running on one and a half cylinders. All in all though, it wasn’t that bad. Perhaps a short easy spin was exactly what the doctor ordered…problem is there was nothing short about our spin as we stretched out the ride to 70+ miles…definitely a little more than what the doctor ordered.

Thankfully no one really put the hammer down as we typically kept the pace around 20 MPH. Curiously, it wasn’t my tender ankle that worried me the most during the ride, it was instead the over compensation I was doing with my right leg to reduce the pressure in my left ankle. I felt like a fiddler crab must feel like as my right leg was easily doing 60-70% of the workload. At about 60 miles in, I had to switch to a high cadence spin to keep from cramping up…something my ankle did not appreciate. Regardless of the discomfort, it was still an enjoyable ride with great friends.

Tomorrow will be a day off, and then I’l take it day by day afterwards. I’m sure after a day or two of rest I’ll be back on the bike. Running though might take a bit longer. Until then, my pillow pyramid and some Netflix movies await.


Friday, March 8
Route: Coconut-40 + Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:29:24
Stopped Time: 1:30:34
Distance: 44.78 miles
Average: 17.99 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.91 mph
Calories: 2300
Cycle This Month: 210.86 miles
Cycle This Year: 1368.11 miles

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Saturday, March 9
Route: Fit & Fuel Loop
Ride Time: 3:58:57
Stopped Time: 1:04:26
Distance: 70.78 miles
Average: 17.77 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.58 mph
Calories: 3596
Cycle This Month: 281.64 miles
Cycle This Year: 1438.88 miles

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