Post Crud Birthday Ride

After an unexpected extended break from my bike and sneaks due to a case of “the crud”…the crud is the endearing name given to the bad lingering cold which has been spreading like wildfire down here in Florida…I was finally well enough to hop on my bike and put in my belated birthday miles.

Fifty-one and then some! Birthday miles completed…now for a century.

For those not familiar with this practice, cyclists commonly celebrate their birthdays by riding their age in miles, or riding a full century, followed by all the usual and customary celebratory shenanigans one does on a birthday. Gus and Jairo accompanied me for the first 36 miles of the 51 miles (damn I’m now an old fart +1). You’d think after being sick and off the bike for a week, with lungs still partially filled with the crud, plus recovering from a rolled ankle, that they’d take it easy on me, but nooooo, they had me hammering through the airport at speeds over 30 MPH! Although they had my ticker working overtime, I was able to hang on to them as well as put in some decent pulls. Not too shabby considering I was a rolling phlegm machine.

Our planned route was going to leave me a few miles short of the 51 mile goal, so I split off from them to do some loops around FGCU. By the way, Kudos to the Eagles for making it to the big dance as they will be taking on Georgetown’s big bad Hoyas…what the heck is a Hoya anyways??? They’re major underdogs, but lets hope they can pull off an upset like they did against Miami…Go Eagles! After a few loops of the campus, I settled into my aerobars, shifted into a high gear and turned my ride home into a phlegm friendly mini TT, staying well above 20 MPH all the way back.

Although extended breaks from cycling are never welcomed, this one was beneficial, save for the fever, coughing, sneezing, endless mucus and general malaise, in that my rolled ankle got a long break, which frankly it needed…note to self, 230+ miles after rolling an ankle is not smart. I’ll resume my running at the start of the week…my wife is now well ahead of me.

So back to the birthday business…I like to mark each trip around the sun with a special event or goal, no the riding of ones age and/or the century, which hopefully I can knock off Sunday, weather permitting, do not count. Last year I commemorate the big Five-oh by cycling down to Key West, which ended up being one of the biggest cycling highlights of the year for me. I have a few cycling adventures in mind this year…those North Georgia mountains are beckoning, but instead of choosing a specific cycling event, I’m going to go way, way, way out of my comfort zone and set a goal of running a half marathon before years end…words which I though would never come out of my mouth as running and me are like vinegar and water. But wait, there is more…to make the event extra special, my wife has also agreed to the goal!

We’ll be targeting the Space Coast Marathon, scheduled on December 1st. Apparently it’s a large event with a pretty high coolness factor, after all, who wouldn’t want to run around a space themed marathon with rockets, astronauts and aliens about. Best part though is many of my friends will also be participating. It will be a cosmic pain quest! Until then there is a lot of run training and of course many more cycling miles to get in. So T-minus 256 days and counting….hopefully I’ll have some decent sneaks by then 😉

Oh, by the way, best of luck to all my friends headed up to Ocala for the HITS Triathlon Half Iron Man competition. Remember, pain is temporary, pride is forever! Go out and kick some tri ass!

Friday, Mar 22
Route: Birthday Ride
Ride Time: 3:05:28
Stopped Time: 1:49:53
Distance: 54.76 miles
Average: 17.72 mph
Fastest Speed: 31.32 mph
Calories: 2832
Cycle This Month: 452.77 miles
Cycle This Year: 1610.02 miles

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