Birthday Week Wrap Up

My crud delayed birthday week has finally wound down. What started as a bed ridden, feverish, phlegm filled holiday, ended quite well after squeezing in a couple fast rides with friends, including the traditional “cycle your age” ride, a wonderful day out with my family, including a delicious meal chosen by my son at Carrabba’s, and a stop over at Fit2Run for, believe it or not, new running shoes!

Tailwind smiles!

A lot of the “usual suspects” were out of town for the HITS Triathlon up in Ocala…congrats to all the finishers, especially the first timers…but we stil got a fun group together for a quick 50 mile ride down our favorite boulevard capped off by an extremely favorable tailwind on the return ride. There is nothing like a tailwind to bring a big smile to your face, especially when the speedometer on your cyclocomputer is reading 27 MPH without even breaking into a sweat. Best of all, the two back-to-back fast paced rides pretty much cleared out all the crud from my lungs! Unfortunately, that same wind really kicked up the following day making us scrub our Sunday Century…riding one hundred miles with winds near 30 MPH and gusting into the 40’s is no ones idea of fun.

Got Wind?
Got Wind?

The scrubbed ride let me enjoy a nice long family day which started with some delightful belgian waffles topped with cinnamon butter and maple syrup, followed by a church date to celebrate Palm Sunday…got to love how that Catholic guilt packs the flock in during Holy Week. After a lovely, but long service….it’s always a marathon on Palm Sunday…my son was famished, and “invited” me to Carrabba’s for lunch…dipping fresh warm bread into well seasoned olive oil is one of his favorite pastimes. Carrabba’s is always a welcomed break, but perhaps not the best choice when you want to go to Fit2Run afterwards and test out some new sneaks on their treadmills. Italian and light are pretty much polar opposites, but I did find a savory panini caprese served with a tomato cucumber salad that hit the spot, while my son went with the cheese ravioli and my wife chose a wood fired pizza.

Tummies more than happy, we hopped in the car and headed over to Coconut Point to learn all about running shoes…and boy does Fit2Run have a lot of shoes to choose from. For those not familiar with Fit2Run, it’s a Florida based “runners superstore” that provides both products and expertise to runners and walkers at every level. It has an extensive collection of gear as well as some novel high tech means of getting you into the right pair of shoes from the get go, including video taped gait analysis with real time slow motion analysis, and a foot scanner right out of an episode of Star Trek. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, most importantly, they are all experienced runners.

Inspecting the high tech toys.
Inspecting the high tech toys.

Kimmi, the store manager, who I had met when I first visited the store during a ride break, guided me through the confusing world of sneaks, applying all her knowhow and technology at hand to get me into the right pair of shoes. I must have tried on at least twenty different pairs of shoes from a multitude of vendors including Asics, Newton, Saucony, and Brooks to name a few. Gait analysis revealed that I have a slight pronation in my left foot, while the right side is neutral…no surprise there as my left ankle has a history of being weaker than my right. She recommended a “support shoe” as it would correct/compensate/whatever the right running term is, my left side, all the while keeping a comfortable ride….is it correct to call a run in shoes a ride???

I’ll save you all from the details of making my final choice…my wife said it was probably a less daunting task to find Cinderella, than finding the right running shoe for me….but ultimately it came down to the Asic’s Gel Kayano 19 and Brooks Adrenalin GTS 13…these names sound more like sports cars than shoes. And the winner is…

New sneaks in the bag!
New sneaks in the bag! Thanks Kimmi!

I’ll fill you in tomorrow when I take them out for a spin. My ankle feels fine and it’s time to start lacing up again…before I fall too far behind my wife’s progress.

Saturday, March 23
Route: Coconut-40 an then some
Ride Time: 2:39:18
Stopped Time: 49:58
Distance: 49.29 miles
Average: 18.57 mph
Fastest Speed: 49.01 mph
Calories: 2438
Cycle This Month: 502.06 miles
Cycle This Year: 1659.31 miles

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