Lacing Up Day Fourteen & Fifteen: Working off the Bunnies

Peter Cottontail has hopped up and back down the bunny trail, yet the gastronomic assault continues as we settled in at Grandma’s house for Spring Break. Good thing we brought our running and cycling gear, otherwise those chocolate bunnies, as well as those delicious home cooked meals, would be all too visible on our waistlines by weeks end.


Exploring new running routes in Florida’s Heartland has been a welcomed change of pace from our usual loop down Colonial Boulevard. Instead of running next to a busy, traffic strewn thoroughfare, we are enjoying the serenity of the virtually traffic free, country club lifestyle roads around the old Harder Hall golf course in Sebring. Apart from the occasional “Fore!” followed by the distinct sound of a driver striking a golf ball, the only sounds you hear are birds chirping and the trees rustling in the breeze. It’s almost zen-like….well except for ones own heavy breathing and plodding footstep. In fact it’s been so relaxed that my wife Maggie didn’t even realize she had run further than she ever had, easily breaking her 5k cherry without any fanfare whatsoever.

I’m hoping this same tranquility holds true on the cycling routes I mapped out through the seldom used backroads down through Lake Placid and around Lake Istokpoga. I’m mirroring some of the roads we rode on during the Tour of Sebring, which means some good rollers…another welcomed change from the pan flat roads we have down in Fort Myers. Hopefully the caladium fields are in bloom…always a very picturesque sight while circling the lake. Regardless of the ornamentals, the planned route should still be quite the treat, not to mention a good defense against Grandma’s cooking!

Running: 5K Plan – Saturday
Run Time: 39:00
Stopped Time: 1:43
Distance: 3.37 miles
Average: 11:34 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:12 /mile
Calories: 409
5K This Month: 17.60 miles
5K This Year: 37.71 miles

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Running: 5K Plan – Tuesday
Run Time: 37:44
Stopped Time: 1:22
Distance: 3.31 miles
Average: 11:23 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:20 /mile
Calories: 392
5K This Month: 3.32 miles
5K This Year: 41.02 miles

Click for Run Data


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