Lacing Up, Day Eighteen: Hydration

No, breakfast encores on today’s run, as I stuck with the ever popular, Pop-Tart for breakfast. Sure it may not be the healthiest thing to eat, but it’s packed with instant energy, and, most importantly, it doesn’t slosh around in your tummy when running. I’ve used them before on longer cycling routes, and they always hit the spot, especially the cinnamon Pop-Tarts.

Sweating up a storm in the Florida heat.
Sweating up a storm in the Florida heat.

Nutrition wasn’t the issue with today’s run though, it was hydration. My runs are not really long enough yet to stash bottles (I’m always surprise at this solution….I’d be terrified someone would tamper with them or a wayward animal would pee on them), but with the Florida heat starting to kick in, a nice sip or two of water would be very welcomed during a run. I know there are numerous solutions like hydration belts, packs and vests, as well as hand held bottles, but all of them seem to have their shortcomings.

I’m not a fan of holding things in my hands when running, something I currently do with my iPhone. I would think a bottle would become very bothersome after a few miles. Belts seem to be a versatile alternative as I could put my keys, phone, ID’s etc, as well as a bottle or two on my waist. The main drawback I see from belts are comfort and bouncing…I’m sure there has to be a tradeoff between the two. The hydration packs and vests seem heavy, cumbersome and completely wrong, although I’m sure they have their place while hiking or perhaps trail runs, but sloshing water around on your chest or back while running just can’t be comfortable.

I went to Fit2Run to get a feel for hydration solutions and ended up buying a hand held solution from Nathan called the Thermal Sprint Handheld Bottle, which is an awfully long name for such a small product. It’s a 10 ounce, form fitting, bottle wrapped in an insulated carrier with a built in adjustable hand strap. Ten ounces is not much water, but it’s just the right amount for short distance runs. The bottle is contoured to your hands shape, and the strap is almost glove-like, keeping the bottle in your hand without having to grip it. It has a jet type water nozzle, like CamelBak bottles, which shoots a stream of water with just a squeeze…no need to uncap and recap it at all.

It’s light, comfortable, and unobtrusive…in short it gets the job done with the major caveat of being useful for short distances only. Longer distances will definitely require another solution, but in the meantime, you’ll find it strapped to my hand during my runs…now all I need is a solution for the iPhone.

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 41:05
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 3.43 miles
Average: 11:59 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:32 /mile
Calories: 438
5K This Month: 12.64 miles
5K This Year: 50.34 miles

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